Emergency and Urgent Care

Preventive Care at Home: Services Offered by Mobile Vets

Advancements in veterinary care have transformed how we care for our furry friends. You no longer ha...
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Why Flea and Tick Prevention is Especially Important in the Summer Months

Any pet owner will tell you that the health and well-being of their furry friends are always a top p...
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Safe and Stress-Free Pet Transportation Services in Boca Raton

At Premium Vet Care, we understand how important your pets are to you. They’re an important part of ...
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Compassionate Home Euthanasia and Pet Transport Services in Boca Raton

As pet owners, we love and cherish our furry companions. However, at some point, we sometimes have t...
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Pet Travel Certificates in Miami, Sunny Isles, and Miami Beach: A Few Things You Should Know

At Premium Vet Care, we understand the importance of keeping pets healthy and safe, especially durin...
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Pet Travel Certificates: What You Need to Know

Bringing your pet with you when you’re away from home might be a good alternative to boarding them o...
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In-Home Euthanasia in Del Ray: What to Expect

Losing a pet is never easy. When the time comes to say goodbye, you want to ensure that your pet is ...
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Letting Go: Making the Decision to Euthanize Your Pet

The most difficult decisions we make as pet parents are often related to saying goodbye to our furry...
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Have an Itchy Dog in Aventura? Here's What You Need to Know!

You may have wondered why your dog seems to scratch excessively and what you can do to alleviate the...
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What to Do If Your Dog Is Vomiting in Parkland

While unpleasant, vomit is something that just about every pet owner has to deal with from time to t...
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The Importance of Flea and Tick Prevention in Boca Raton

In many parts of the US, fleas and ticks become much less prevalent during the cooler winter months....
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National Pet Preparedness Month Tips from Your Coral Springs Veterinarian

Summer is the perfect time for beach trips, cooking out, and hiking with your four-legged best frien...
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In-Home Euthanasia in Cooper City: Has the Time Come to Say Goodbye?

Your dog or cat is a beloved family member, so it’s only natural that the thought of losing them is ...
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Help! My Dog Has An Ear Infection in Coral Springs!

The shape of most dogs’ ears puts them at high risk of ear infections. This is especially true in br...
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When You Might Need a Pet Health Certificate in Davie

Your pet is a family member, so it’s natural to want to take them with you when you travel. And, of ...
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What to Do if Your Dog Is Suffering from a Skin Infection in Coral Springs

If your dog has red, inflamed, itchy skin, they could be suffering from a fungal or viral skin infec...
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Signs Your Dog Might Have an Ear Infection: Advice from a Veterinarian in Plantation

Ear infections are an all-too-common problem in dogs — especially those with adorable floppy ears. T...
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Have an Itchy Dog in Parkland? Let Us Help!

If your pup seems to spend nearly all of their time scratching, you’ve probably wondered what’s goin...
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Benefits of Choosing In Home Euthanasia in Boca Raton

Your pet is a beloved companion who has remained faithfully by your side throughout your best and wo...
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Getting a Pet Travel Certificate in Aventura: What to Expect

Taking your pet with you is a great alternative to leaving them at home or a boarding facility when ...
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