Health Certificate in Miami


When traveling to other countries - and sometimes even other states - with pets, it is necessary to obtain a health certificate from a veterinarian. This certificate isn’t available from just any vet, though; Only USDA-accredited veterinarians are authorized to issue them. If you are in need of an animal health certificate in Miami, we

have you covered. At Premium Vet Care, we are authorized to perform exams and issue health certificates for both domestic and international travel. 



When You Need a Health Certificate

If you are bringing your pet with you when traveling internationally or moving to a new country, you need a health certificate. You may also need one if you are traveling to another state by plane. A certificate is also required when moving to many states

When traveling or relocating within the United States, the certification process is generally straight forward and doesn’t take much time. If you are in need of an international certificate, though, it’s best to allow for as much time as possible. As soon as you know where you are going and when you are leaving, contact us so we can get started. The international certification process may take several weeks to complete depending on where you are going and the exact requirements of your destination. 

Health Certificate in Miami

Whether you are traveling to another state or country and would like to bring your pet along for the trip or you are relocating and can’t imagine the thought of leaving your companion behind, there are multiple situations in which you might find yourself in need of an animal health certificate in Miami. If you plan on traveling or relocating, we recommend learning about the requirements and getting started on the certification process as early as possible. This ensures that there will be plenty of time for the necessary exams, vaccinations, paperwork, etc. 

At Premium Vet Care, we are here to help Miami-area pet parents with their health certificate needs. Whether you are an existing client or you are looking for a local USDA-certified vet, our team would be more than happy to help. Please contact us today to learn more. 


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